Letters to the Editor

All should strive to be better citizens

Our president, governors, mayors and even parents should be telling the violent protesters that their actions are not only reckless, arrogant and ignorant behavior but, for the most part, crimes.

Exactly who benefits by showing children it’s OK and acceptable to be arrogant and violent on public streets?

We should all strive to be better American citizens. Common sense applied by political protesters as they prepare and are conducting protests is a very helpful aid.

I think many protesters today think the only virtue is love. I always hope the presidential candidates and actual president possess many virtues. Honesty, wisdom, courage and the ability to do hard and cooperative work with others are excellent virtues for all Americans to possess.

It is not he or she who screams the loudest in our city streets who is more intelligent and worthy than the majority of legal U.S. citizens who voted for the U.S. president. In the next four years all protesters, voters and legal U.S. citizens should spend some time educating themselves about exactly what the U.S. president’s commitments are.

I do believe that many political protesters don’t know what it is that a U.S. president, Supreme Court, Congress and even our military does. Let’s be thankful that the Electoral College isn’t violent, dishonest and arrogant.

Phyllis Werts, Renovo