Letters to the Editor

We need to be the change agents

Many have supported Donald Trump, presumably to act as a change agent. We all need to assess what we can do during his time in office and beyond, though his use of fear and hate should give us all pause.

There are any number of areas that Trump has doubled down on that would give rise to hardship to many of our citizens, and with the appointments he’s making it is apparent others might be added. A partial list includes: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, affordable health care, immigration, human rights, racism, religious bigotry, poverty, climate, government corruption and the vast divide between science and demonstrable truth versus conservative media.

Trickle-down economics, already well disproved by the preceding decades, with the rich getting much wealthier while the rest stay the same or slip into poverty, seems to be the next idea to “double down on,” one personally beneficial to Trump.

Perhaps choosing a topic and a group fighting for your most important cause might help. Climate change is my choice, without action soon our climate will limit life on Earth, including human life; the costs are already high. Some unnamed party supported by the fossil fuel industry is the lone holdout, calling it a hoax perpetuated by the entire scientific community.

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby proposes a carbon fee and dividend — something both Republicans and Democrats could get behind — using a market-based approach to go toward “greener” renewable energy, while ending subsidies for fossil fuel companies.

Doug Keith, State College