Letters to the Editor

Not a justification for rioting

As a Penn State alum and longtime supporter, I can no longer wear my Penn State colors with pride.

That anyone, student or not, current or former, would think it is ever appropriate to riot in support of their team is shameful.

I attended Penn State when JoePa was in his full glory. I always told people that the difference between Penn State and other big schools was our sportsmanship and mature behavior. By example, Coach Paterno instilled this, not only in his players, but in the student body in general.

Now this . . . student Aditya Naik said, “Basically (sic) were so happy we have to riot. It’s kind of sad, but that’s what happening.”

How shameful that this student feels that rioting is justified. There are times when riots might be necessary. Winning a football game, however improbable a victory, is not one of them.

Shelby Clark, Sandy Lake