Letters to the Editor

Protect this ‘patch of grass’

In 1857, when the 843 acres of New York’s Central Park were set aside, no one would have envisioned how beloved the park would be now. New York Magazine says, “another reason to love New York is because we wouldn’t trade a patch of grass for $528,783,552,000,” the estimated value of Central Park’s acreage.

You will have heard all the important and correct arguments for source water protection in the advocacy of ClearWater Conservancy’s proposed easement on the iconic Centre County Meyer-Everhart properties. ClearWater is asking all municipalities and, most significantly, the State College Borough Water Authority, to ante up funds to purchase this beautiful and irreplaceable expanse that also filters our drinking water. The Dec. 31 deadline to reach a $1.3 million goal approaches rapidly but municipalities such as College Township are concerned about removing the land from potential development and the revenues that development would bring.

Water protection aside, as critical as it is, I guarantee you that in 100 years, when State College has grown extensively beyond the borders we see today, no one will regret having preserved this land in its open state. This thrilling opportunity cannot be lost to momentary financial concerns. Protecting this “patch of grass” today is the right thing to do. Speak out, write, email and phone your local representatives.

Terry Melton, State College