Letters to the Editor

Extra cost not fair

I have a question for the readers of the Centre Daily Times.

Do you think you should have to pay an extra 50 cents for something you don’t want? I think this item should be in an extra paper and if you want it, buy it.

It isn’t fair that I had to pay an extra 50 cents for your calendar (CDT, 12/5), which I can get for nothing at a lot of stores where I am a customer, especially your calendar that I didn’t want. I have my church calendar, which I don’t have to pay for.

What do you think, readers?

P.S. You don’t need to print this, but I told my neighbor that you will never print this letter. We are not holding our breath. But I still think it’s wrong to charge people who also need their money. By the way, I’m 83 years old and buy your paper daily. Thank you.

Delores M. McGinness, Bellefonte