Letters to the Editor

Look up taxi definition

Uber, the illegal taxi service, has been legitimized stupidly by the state legislature and governor.

It’s pretending to not be a taxi service to avoid the cost of regulation, but no sane person can say that it is anything else. It has set up tens of thousands of illegal gypsy taxi companies in the world, perhaps millions. All it does is run flags, or hailing calls, or whatever you want to call them, even though it’s not “legal” for them to do it.

A call coming in over a smartphone is no different than putting up your arm to flag down a taxi. It’s still losing billions of dollars a year, but keeps getting more billions from investors to keep this farce up. I wonder if billions are going into legislators’ pockets. A local Uber driver was heard to say this was the case.

I was told that a professor who operates her own Uber gypsy taxi service said not to tell her insurance company that she was an Uber driver. My feeling is the person who founded the company had a bad taxi experience and wants to cripple the taxi industry any way he can. He can’t be a taxi driver because he let his license expire, but I guess a limousine isn’t a bad option.

Please, legislators, start looking at the definition of taxi and realize you just passed illegal legislation that won’t hold up in court.

Clark Green, State College