Letters to the Editor

Thankful for information

Several letter writers have complained about Lori Falce’s front-page story “advertising” Professor Watchlist, a project launched by Charlie Kirk and his Turning Point USA.

I’m actually grateful to know about this new effort by another far-right wing special interest group that seeks to intimidate teachers who do not share the reactionary views of the far-right.

Efforts to intimidate and silence anyone who threatens the fragile ideology of the ultra-rich and super-powerful are not new. Just a decade ago, David Horowitz led the attack on teachers who, he claimed, threatened right-wing hegemony.

Horowitz, you’ll remember, was the guy who convinced the Pennsylvania legislature to pass the so-called “Academic Bill of Rights” and organize a witch hunt looking for teachers who trampled on (right-wing) students’ free speech by encouraging students to ask questions. The Horowitz inquisition was quietly abandoned for lack of single credible case.

My thanks to Falce for alerting us to this new attempt by a special-interest group to impose right-wing orthodoxy on our colleges and universities. We need to know when we are threatened by bullies.

John Hruschka, Bellefonte