Letters to the Editor

Tax hike too high

A recent article in The Progress tells us that Clearfield County residents are getting a 3.5 mill tax increase.

Why? Because they can. The reason given is that a balanced budget is mandated by Dec. 31 each year. Is this mandated by the same state that can’t produce a balanced budget of its own?

Loss of Marcellus shale funds is cited as part of the reason for the increase. Those funds dried up because our governor is so determined to place higher taxes on that industry. Another reason for the state budget impasse was because he wouldn’t sign without those taxes.

A letter stating many can’t afford more taxes has been met with, “We hear you, and you are right.” What is not said is when you are forced out of your home, we can sell it to someone who has more money and is able to pay these taxes, at least until they to go on a fixed income and can’t pay them either.

No more debtor’s prison, so a cardboard box awaits us all, unless they figure out a cardboard tax. (I shouldn’t have said that, might give them an idea.)

Charles Lauver, Clearfield