Letters to the Editor

Not speaking with ‘one voice’

“Penn State wants trustees to speak with one voice” (CDT, 9/16) reports that the committee on governance and long-range planning voted to approve an expectation that the board would speak with one voice, and that individual trustees were not to contradict board decisions. The board’s inner circle, as opposed to the alumni trustees, has violated this expectation at least twice.

In July 2012, then-chairwoman Karen Peetz violated the board’s standing orders by affirming Louis Freeh’s findings even though the minutes of that meeting show that the board never authorized her to do that. The current chairman and vice chairman, Ira Lubert and Mark Dambly, failed to correct Peetz’s false and unilateral statement on the board’s and Penn State’s behalf. Lubert, Dambly and the board’s other leaders continued to fail to uphold the board’s standing orders and expectations of membership even after the NCAA used Peetz’s statement as an excuse to impose its illegitimate sanctions on Penn State.

Penn State recently filed a countersuit against former president Graham Spanier, again without the board’s authorization. Trustee Anthony Lubrano reported, “Not surprisingly, the full board was not consulted prior to the university undertaking this vindictive, mean-spirited action just before the holidays.” This latest violation of the board’s standing orders and expectations of membership took place on Lubert’s and Dambly’s watch.

William A. Levinson, Wilkes Barre