Letters to the Editor

Need replacement before repeal

A reasonable person would not change the tires on their car until they had the replacement tires ready to install. It would be silly, in fact rather stupid, to remove the old tires and let the car sit on its wheels in the driveway. It would be better to leave those tires on the car until they had good set of replacements.

Yet, the GOP, Rep. Glenn Thompson included, have determined that it is best to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a hint of its replacement. The GOP “plan” then, is to let the car sit in the driveway on its wheels while they figure out what size of new tires they need to acquire and where it is they might get them.

I surely hope we don’t need to use the car while all this “planning” is going on. The words silly and stupid come to mind.

Jeffrey R. Kern, State College