Letters to the Editor

Stop the waste

Congratulations, Pennsylvanians. You made history!

You’re the highest gasoline-taxed state in the entire country. Jan. 1 brought the last increase of the 2013 Act 89 Transportation Act, which allowed a 27 cent per gallon state tax for the repair of roads, bridges and transit systems throughout Pennsylvania.

With the increase, Pennsylvania’s state tax is now at 58.3 cents per gallon and federal tax is 18.4 cents. Act 89 was signed by Gov. Tom Corbett in November 2013. We must not forget our local legislators — both Republicans and Democrats — who voted for the tax.

The bill had its share of pork in it, like most legislative packages do. This was one of the largest taxes put on the working poor and middle class in 25 years.

Most people use gas to get to and from work. This bill hurts by taking money straight out of the pockets of good hard-working families. I’m positively sure this won’t be the last tax we will ever see.

Stop the waste in Harrisburg!

Ed Emel, Bellefonte