Letters to the Editor

Take care in cutting regulations

I found John Rippey’s Dec. 29 letter very interesting and well written.

He cites history to support his opinion that government regulations are usually necessary. He tells us that Elias Boudinot, a representative from New Jersey in the 1789 Congress, was first to propose a Treasury Department to control the new nation’s financial crisis. (I recognized the name Boudinot as a contemporary of Alexander Hamilton mentioned in Ron Chernow’s biography, but so far in my reading I hadn’t discovered his significance. Thank you, John Rippey.)

As for today’s “regulations,” some of them are onerous or, at the very least, annoying; but most of them had to be created because individuals or institutions did something harmful to the populace or the environment. (Cases in point: the 9/11 attack, Wells Fargo’s financial scandal, Flint’s water contamination, VW’s emissions cheating ... need I cite Jerry Sandusky?)

Tossing out regulations indiscriminately would indeed be reckless. Along with Rippey, I, too, hope that Congress watches closely what Trump does. (His talk requires less attention because of its chameleon-like changeability.)

Dorothy Lutz, State College