Letters to the Editor

Global warming theory ego-driven

To paraphrase, from Michael Lewis’s book “Boomerang,” “The wise man accepts and the unwise man insists.” With the pro-warming theorists now openly calling for imprisonment of anyone who questions them, it is clear that they have veered away from their mission of being impartial arbiters of science who objectively analyze data.

Some rational arguments that bring the anthropogenic warming theory into question are: Irrefutable evidence shows that hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Earth was far warmer. Given the pre-industrial warmth and its corresponding elevated levels of carbon, even the most sciencey of scientists must admit that there are factors that affect climate fluctuations that are beyond human control.

Another is that the warming trend has ceased and been flat for more than 15 years. But you wouldn’t know it as the media commit journalistic malpractice by exclaiming “it’s the hottest year on record” without mentioning that the gains are incremental and within the margin of error.

Thirdly, true theories are predictive unlike the warming theorists who trumpet dire predictions every couple of years (were they correct, New Jersey would be under water and there would be no more snow). When they are wrong, they quietly sweep them under the carpet before making new ones.

It’s getting obvious that the scientific establishment’s position on global warming is largely ego-driven. They have placed themselves in a life-or-death power struggle in which their argument boils down to “there is no way those nasty Trump voters could actually be right about something!”

Joel Carlson, Horseheads, N.Y.