Letters to the Editor

Resurgence due to tenacity

Regarding Ryan McCombie’s letter on Dec. 28, I believe that McCombie’s recollection is a bit fuzzy.

During the time when the NCAA sanctions were at their most intense, coach Bill O’Brien, a strong group of assistant coaches, athletic director Dave Joyner and a group of young men who chose to stay at Penn State rather than transfer when given the opportunity produced winning football seasons without complaining about the sanctions.

Indeed, their public comments reflected only their determination. Perhaps they did not go to bowl games and were not highly ranked; however, producing back-to-back winning seasons when most of the country took them for dead was nothing short of phenomenal.

This laid a solid foundation on which coach James Franklin, another strong group of assistant coaches, athletic director Sandy Barbour and the teams they have led could earn a trip to this year’s Rose Bowl.

The credit for the Nittany Lions’ rise from the ashes belongs squarely on those coaches, administrators and players who worked so hard to ensure it and who stood proud while others complained. The resurgence of Penn State football is due to tenacity in the face of adversity, not efforts to remove it.

Constance R. Matthews, State College