Letters to the Editor

Everyone deserved better

Michigan State President Lou Anna Simon had an alleged child molester hiding in plain sight on her campus while she sat in judgment of Penn State.

The hypocrisy by the representative from the Big Ten in 2012, who is currently embroiled in a rampant sex abuse scandal, should be pointed out.

Simon’s administration clearly had complaints about Larry Nassar’s alleged misconduct with female student-athletes competing in NCAA-affiliated sports well before and shortly after the Sandusky scandal blew open and rained down on Penn State in 2011.

As chair of the NCAA Executive Committee, Simon referenced the Freeh report and said this:

“People make mistakes, and some of those are purposeful and premeditated, and if you just take the Penn State experience, pretty pervasive.”

However, comparing just one victim’s complaints to Michigan State’s Title IX office, of her alleged sexual assault by Nassar, provides us with more evidence of a crime of rape than Louis Freeh did in 267 pages of his report.

Simon purposely waived off the (Jim) Clemente report as a paid propaganda piece by the Paterno family and went with the NCAA public relations agenda, cloaking themselves in a banner of “protecting against sexual assault.”

Due to the lack of a national conversation of “nice guy/gal pillar of the community offenders” — history may have repeated itself at a Big Ten member institution with female student-athletes and children in the larger MSU community.

Everyone deserved better.

Wendy Silverwood, West Chester