Letters to the Editor

All hangs in the balance

Any claim that Republicans — who have cheated democracy by gerrymandering their districts to stay in power — have any claim to legitimacy over a duly elected governor who was elected by a majority Democratic state is a lie. Sen. Jake Corman knows this while claiming he speaks for the people.

The blatant use of fear and hate that Donald Trump used to get elected is unprecedented. A narcissistic president is a clear and present danger to us all — Republicans and Democrats. However our Republican federal representatives are speeding up the destruction of democracy. They plan a blitzkrieg of horrible appointees — six of them shoved through on the same day — no critical examination, not even time for the ethics group to fully collect any information relevant to their appointment, which would be normal protocol. There is already sufficient information that should disqualify many of these appointees.

At the same time they are planning to push through rule changes to eliminate any resistance to their haste, a simple majority rule, down from 60 votes in the Senate, as well as eliminating any ethics violations examination while punishing anyone who would dare record those despicable actions in the House.

“Indivisible” is a document designed to help reach your representative to perhaps get them to change. Look it up. It is likely that only strong resistance from “HUGE” masses of the populace will have any chance of dissuading these bought and paid for ideologues. Our climate, our freedoms, our democracy all stand in the balance.

Doug Keith, State College