Letters to the Editor

Pruitt unacceptable choice for EPA

Even considering Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA is a travesty. As attorney general, his “leadership” has ripped open Oklahoma land to increasing oil and gas drilling. There has been a 4,000 percent increase in earthquakes in the state over the past eight years with more 900 Richter 3-plus earthquakes in 2015 alone. Should we expand this kind of land use from the “leadership” in Oklahoma to the entire country?

In April 2016, Exxon donated $50,000 to the Pruitt-led Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA). A month later, Pruitt defended Exxon in an op-ed.

In March 2014, Devon Energy made a $125,000 contribution to RAGA. A month later, Pruitt signed a industry lobby drafted letter protesting the EPA’s plan to study the environmental impacts of fracking.

On March 17, 2014, Oklahoma joined the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance, chaired by Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm, in a suit against the Interior Department. Two weeks later, Continental Resources donated $25,000 to RAGA.

Pruitt’s pattern of soliciting campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry then taking public action on their behalf is misuse of our public trust. In 2014, Pruitt defended his work on behalf of these companies: “That’s actually called representative government in my view of the world.”

I don’t want our land under his “protection.” Please make clear to our Congress that Pruitt is an unacceptable choice for this vital position that safeguards our breathable air, drinkable water and healthy soil to grow unpolluted food.

Jackie Bonomo, Lemont