Letters to the Editor

Trump’s character

In any political election the first thing I consider is the character of the candidates. Initially, their party and their stand on issues don’t matter to me. Do they speak truthfully and thoughtfully? Do they have honor, decency, a moral compass and a sense of fairness? Can they understand and share the feelings of another?

So it was easy for me to eliminate Donald J. Trump as my presidential pick because he is lacking in all of these areas. It is clear he will carry the same character into the White House.

It amazes me that people can dismiss his character with comments like: “He’ll surround himself with smart people who will keep him in check.” Or: “I agree he’s rough, but he is going to bring our jobs back, repeal abortion rights, etc.” Or: “I’m not voting for Clinton.”

So the message we send our children through the presidency of Donald Trump is this: How we get there doesn’t matter, and the end justifies the means. Well, how we get there matters to me.

On Friday, Trump will be sworn in as president of the United States. I will pray for divine guidance to help lead him, our country and the world to increased peace, understanding and economic stability.

I hold out the possibility that Trump can change and become more honest, ethical and empathetic. Until then, he is the president of the United States of America but he is not my president.

John Corneal, State College