Letters to the Editor

Speaking truth requires courage

Isn’t it kind of funny how most of the influential heroes of the working class have been considered domestic terrorists by the government of their time?

Martin Luther King Jr. has recently been the subject of classroom lessons all over America. I wonder if they told your children that King was considered the most dangerous man in America.

I venture a faint hope that teachers dared to speak the truth of the man they call a hero of the people, and told their students who he considered to be the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.

My wish is that we see his dream as he did: This edifice which will soon make beggars of us all needs restructuring. And before we speak to the violence of our first-world ghettos, we should look outward to places like Aleppo and Yemen, reminding ourselves of the courage we require to speak that same truth to power in this mirrored hour of warfare.

Timothy Havener, Mill Hall