Letters to the Editor

Catholicism 101 refresher needed

Here’s some Catholicism 101 for those who would reinvent the church into something unrecognizable as Catholic.

A Catholic institution as an extension of the church is not required to deny the moral tenets of the faith to please the faithless. That is guaranteed under the freedom of religion clause of the Constitution, which has been upheld by a judiciary that doesn’t reinvent the Constitution into saying that which it doesn’t.

Moreover, this also applies to all people of faith in the public square who are not required to check their faith at the door upon entering public life to especially include those serving in our military, which was unconscionably used by the Obamanists as lab rats for morally bankrupt social engineering experiments that trashed the laws of nature and of nature’s God with the freedom of religion rights of the Chaplain Corps and all whom they served being a casualty.

Those who have a problem with that seminal truth can find employment or services elsewhere as Catholics in more than name only take a dim view of an arrogant attitude telling us that we must change our beliefs, per Hillary Clinton, to promoting the killing of infants in the womb instead of standing in diametric opposition to that moral atrocity, and see nothing wrong with an administration that would sue a group of aging Catholic nuns caring for the poor because they would not subsidize contraception, which is condemned by their faith!

Gary Morella, Lemont