Letters to the Editor

‘Safe’ districts should be replaced

Our congressman, Rep. Glenn Thompson, voted to increase deficits caused by repeal of Obamacare; sell federal land for private exploitation; reduce civil service employees and their salaries; subject citizens to inquisitions without lawmakers present; restrict voting privileges of representatives; repeal regulations placed during two-thirds of Barack Obama’s term; deny coverage for pre-existing medical conditions; and allow unsafe nuclear reactors; for more air pollution; more carbon pollution; more lead-poisoned water; and to dismantle health coverage for more than 20 million people with no planned substitute. I wonder what he will vote to tear apart next week.

His office won’t say how he voted on ethics repeal. This is not transparent government of, by, and for the people. Government is not a business whose gain is from our loss. Its job is to do for the citizens collectively what they cannot do for themselves individually. We expect government protection from exploitation.

Part of the solution is to replace our obscenely gerrymandered Pennsylvania districts so that our representatives serve the citizens who can vote them out of office. There should be no such thing as a “safe” district. As our spotlight on legislators, the press, including the CDT, should be hammering on this.

Debbie Trudeau, State College