Letters to the Editor

Find the fun in politics

The last election may have meant that people, alienated from political process, turned to an outsider.

But the political is not so easily evaded — it permeates all of our lives. You ask your boss for a raise, you propose marriage to a girl — there potentially conflicting interests under considerable tension are resolved, and this is politics.

Since Vietnam and Watergate, we have increasingly taken an outsider view of what happens in the capital but politics is really inside each of our lives and we could no more do without the Capitol than our body could do without its head. There, under law, contending factions are resolved under tension and the future is achieved. This is a mock civil war, to be sure. But with clear reason and all parties loyal and open to one another, chaos is averted and good is done.

But really this process is not all vexed. A 12-year-old Eagle Scout stood watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade when the mayor in his black limousine drove up and asked the boy to ride with him. The little boy did and the car drove on with the mayor waving out the window. He turned to the little boy and saw him sitting solemn and stiff beside him, and said “you can wave too.” The little boy did and said later it was great fun.

At best, politics is great fun. Let’s find that each time we do our part and cast our vote.

John Harris, State College