Letters to the Editor

Bound for disappointment

If you read the Opinion page of the CDT, you know that the folks who voted for Donald Trump are awfully annoyed. Sure, their candidate prevailed, but how can you celebrate when people keep bringing up uncomfortable subjects?

Trump supporters are sick of being called racists. After all, how does voting for a guy who says racist things make me a racist? They are tired of people asking how women could vote for a guy who brags about using his celebrity to prey on women. And Trump’s supporters don’t understand why anyone has a problem with his talk of excluding, or even rounding up Muslims — aren’t those people a problem?

It all comes down to this: Does voting for a bigot make me a bigot? Trump’s supporters say no. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who voted for Trump because they liked his racist remarks, or because they thought women had gotten too uppity and needed to be put in their place, or because . . . well I have heard people say that we need to get rid of Muslims.

In fact, most Trump voters insist that the racist, sexist, anti-Muslim talk doesn’t matter anymore; besides, they voted for him for some other reason. In short, they refuse to take any responsibility for choosing a bigot. They want the rest of us to “get over it” . . . or just shut up.

I think they are bound to be disappointed.

John Hruschka, Bellefonte