Letters to the Editor

Money doesn’t grow on trees

We are “taxed enough already!” Contrary to the opinion of the writer who suggests the state of Pennsylvania should grant every local community the ability to tax everything and anything like the disgusting and disgraceful cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh (CDT, 1/15), the answer to any existing revenue problems in Centre County is to stop wasting our hard earned tax dollars!

Central Pennsylvania is supposed to be better than this. I expect those running the big cities to spend beyond their means and overtax their residents. I do not expect that from our elected officials out here. Many municipalities in Centre County are already taxing workers with a 2.55 percent local income tax vs. the 1 percent most local municipalities in the suburbs of both major cities charge.

We ought to be embarrassed at what is taking place here; an area that used to pride itself on its hard work ethic while laughing at “city slickers” who can’t manage themselves out of a paper bag! Property taxes are also limiting smart housing developments. As much as $9,000 per year in property taxes for a $325,000 house in Bellefonte is insane. That is more than two times the state average.

How many people can afford $800 extra on their monthly mortgage for the “privilege” of supposedly owning a home? Boggs indicates on its website that a house with a market value of $200,000 requires more than $6,000 in annual property taxes.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Stop acting like it does!

James Kephart Jr., Milesburg