Letters to the Editor

Students should choose own topics

Students should be given the opportunity to choose their own topics for their literary works. It will create more student interest in the literary arts, inspire student inventiveness and bolster confidence in their linguistic abilities.

In general, children and adults alike find themselves drawn to topics that they are interested in, rather than ones forced upon them. Their interest will help better their chances in life, as written communication is a necessity for almost every occupation. Student interest will not only benefit the students themselves but also the educators around them.

In many traditional classrooms, the assignments are teacher-driven with all students writing in the same format about the same thing. This squelches any inventiveness a student might’ve had previously. Creativity leads to a greater ability to think independently and a greater perspective on future possibilities. In the words of Ken Robinson, “Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”

With a choice of projects, students will become more confident in their writing abilities and more convinced of their linguistic ability. This confidence will carry through to adulthood, helping them later with all types of communication. Confidence is a major trait in life, and it can go a long way to start with something as simple as the students having the ability to choose.

Students should be able to choose their own projects, as it will boost their confidence, inspire creativity and generate student interest.

Kaitlyn Search and

Marlee Schram, State College