Letters to the Editor

Say something worth hearing

On Inauguration Day, I learned of a student walkout at State College Area High School to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. One CDT video showed no more than 100 students grouped in the rain outside the school, and another showed Superintendent Bob O’Donnell explaining the protest, which made it seem an innocuous event.

It is not surprising that the protesters seemed not to know what they were protesting. One student held a sign reading, “You can’t unify with hate.” Virtually every good citizen would agree, but where is proof that President Trump hates any given group? In a protest you have to prove nothing rationally; just flash an ambiguous sign and yell.

Another sign indicated that “All voices need to be heard.” That’s an ill-conceived notion. All voices with something intelligent to say on any cogent matter should be heard, not necessarily those who are angry because things didn’t go their way. Those students who were 18 on Nov. 8 voted (perhaps) for their choices, as did 48.8 percent of Pennsylvania’s electorate ... for Trump, which gave him the state’s 20 electoral votes. Democracy works, but not the way the protesters wanted.

How many students would protest if their elected school leaders weren’t those they wanted in office? This mundane protest was without merit and showed that many students today are being taught what to believe instead of how to think.

Free speech is apropos, but it should say something worth hearing.

W.C. Bryant, Tallassee, Ala.