Letters to the Editor

Don’t shy away from important news

In real estate, it’s “location, location, location.” In print journalism, it’s above-the-fold headlines that signal to readers what’s important and universally relevant. On Oct. 29, in the top right corner of the front page, the Centre Daily Times headline read, “FBI’s new probe could upend race.”

In this story, several journalists from McClatchy’s Washington bureau revealed that the FBI was launching another investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email. Ultimately, no new disclosures or criminal charges came out of this investigation. But in their second paragraph, the journalists acknowledged that the timing of this big story “… could turn at least some voters to rival Donald Trump.”

So it was very disappointing to see another important story from McClatchy’s Washington bureau buried on the last page of the CDT a couple weeks ago. On Jan. 19 — one day before Donald Trump’s inauguration — was “FBI, 5 other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump.” In case you missed it, you’ll find it neatly tucked below the day’s lunar chart and UV Index.

We don’t yet know the outcome of these investigations. But no matter your political persuasion, this story is important and relevant to all of us because it touches the very foundation of whether 2016 was a free and fair election. I hope that these investigations net no findings of wrongdoing. And going forward, I also hope that the CDT will not shy away from placing all important stories in full view of its readers.

Sarah Pollock, Port Matilda