Letters to the Editor

Welcome back to the big ER

President Donald Trump and the Republicans currently have no comprehensive plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.”

Up until now, they have been riding a wave of angry rhetoric ungrounded in any real understanding of health policy and economics. “Talk is cheap,” and “Be careful what you wish for” are relevant aphorisms. Repeal alone will be insufficient. To proceed with the destruction rather than seriously considering reform and adjustment of an admittedly flawed law may very well produce chaos, if not collapse, of the insurance market.

Additionally, can the country really afford to throw away the hundreds of millions of dollars and years of effort that have gone into designing and implementing this system that now covers more than 20 million formerly uninsured people? First of all, there is the cumulative expense of drafting and implementing the legislation, which began in 2009. We’ve already paid for that with our taxes. There is also the effort and expenditure of the whole health care system from doctors to clinics to hospitals and insurance companies.

Someone will have to absorb the loss of six years of implementing the current system once it’s been flushed. Guess who will get stuck with the do-over? Welcome back to the big emergency room!

Bill Butler, Pennsylvania Furnace