Letters to the Editor

Alleviate anxiety with action

Since November, many CDT readers have expressed outrage, anxiety and even despair over the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. Now the reality is upon us and it is time to get over the denial and stop our hand-wringing. It is time to get busy and do something to ensure a secure future for our children, our country and world.

For me a main concern is that the new administration will try to undo the progress that has been made to contain the very real and demonstrated damage of human-caused climate change. So I am calling and writing my congressional representatives. I am also working with the local chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. This is an international, non-partisan effort to use economic and market forces rather than regulations to greatly reduce carbon emissions.

Under the CCL proposal, a gradually increasing fee would be imposed on all carbon sources at the origin. That fee would be completely refunded in equal shares to every American household to use as each citizen sees fit. It would be your choice, for instance, whether to spend your dividend on gas for your SUV or on your child’s education fund.

If you, like me, have a need to do something positive to alleviate your anxiety, check out the CCL website (citizensclimatelobby.org) and join our local chapter.

And if you believe in a better future for our country, call your congressman, get involved, do something!

Randy Poulsen, State College