Letters to the Editor

We have enough of our own problems

I have noticed a number of signs in people’s yards promoting that it is not important where people are from, all are welcome, written in Spanish, English and Arabic.

Sadly, the top language is not English — which is the language of our country — just like French is the language of France. Yes people are welcome here only if they come legally, are extremely well-vetted as to their intentions, speak adequate English and have the intellectual and financial resources to not be a burden on the taxpayers.

Should they overstay their visa or significantly break the law, out they go! We must not follow the disaster occurring in Europe presently ruining that beautiful continent. The suffering can be helped in their own lands.

We have enough of our own social problems, as evidenced by the fact that I can not safely walk at night in many of our cities.

James Steamer, State College