Letters to the Editor

Don’t abandon local newspapers

I recently read a letter to the editor entitled “Put heterosexual couples first,” in which the author advocates for preferential treatment for heterosexual couples when adopting.

It was laughable, if not misguided and indicative of the prejudice queer people like myself still face.

What’s more concerning to me was the reaction to the decision to publish the letter, with some decrying it as hate speech and shaming the CDT for its decision. Some said to publish a divisive letter during a time of polarization and division was irresponsible.

What is irresponsible is decrying the open exchange of ideas, even and especially those we find shameful. If we truly believe ourselves to be on the right side of history, we must overcome our opposition on the merits of our convictions, not the silence of our critics.

Also irresponsible is lambasting our area newspaper when the press is under assault and more vital to our democracy than ever.

This reflects the wider trend of hatred for the CDT. Having worked as a local reporter, I know the CDT’s reporters to be hardworking journalists and good people who work to serve our community.

As news organizations are underfunded, understaffed and facing hostility from the presidential administration and much of the public, our local newspapers are more crucial than ever.

We should always push the press, Centre Daily Times included, to be better — but we mustn’t abandon them when they don’t live up to our expectations.

Michael Garrett, State College