Letters to the Editor

Inspired to prove naysayers wrong

Early in my career, a student walked into my classroom soaked. It was raining outside and I knew that he was a walker. When I asked him why he did not use an umbrella, he said, “Because my dad’s afraid that I’ll leave it here.” That was the moment in my career that I knew that I had to follow through on my aspirations of adopting.

Seventeen months ago, a woman gave birth to a son whom she was not prepared to care for. An agency gave her a binder full of families and she went through all of them and handpicked us. Today, we see her on a regular basis and whenever we meet with her, she brings her family who showers him with as much love as we do. He has one huge family that is filled with more love than you can imagine. He is healthy, he is happy, he is cared for, and he is raised by two dads.

We see plenty of examples of great parenting and more examples of awful parenting on a daily basis. Letters like “Put heterosexual couples first,” published on Sunday, provide us with inspiration to not just be better parents, but to be better parents than any of the naysayers ever could be. Our son will always be our No. 1 priority. I would encourage anybody who loves children and is willing to sacrifice themselves for the life of a child to adopt, no matter what their sexuality is.

Greg Hutchison, Mechanicsburg