Letters to the Editor

Calling on 1 more Republican senator

Betsy DeVos has made her motives public — to give parents choice in the matter of educating their children. The problem is that DeVos misunderstands the concepts of choice and public in our democracy.

Public schools have always been about choice. The structures of districts, local school boards and parent-teacher associations guarantee that local voices are heard to inform decisions about educational matters, and simply as a matter of numbers, parents stand to have the greatest say.

So what might be DeVos’ motives in seeking to lead public education? One need not look far. It’s the same motive that moves the entire administration and legislators — money. Those shiny objects that fill the public coffers have long tantalized those whose fortunes reside in private sectors.

Now is the time for all rich men to lay their hands on new treasuries. The demise of public education will come through Donald Trump’s favorite economic tool — bankruptcy.

Can we not find one Republican senator with the integrity to join Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins in defeating DeVos?

Dorothy Evensen, State College