Letters to the Editor

Let Thompson know if you disagree

My representative, Glenn Thompson, voted to allow women to be charged more for their health insurance than men. He voted against gender bias in health care, which would have ensured that insurance companies could not discriminate based on gender.

Thompson did not respond to my letter, email or phone call.

“Sex discrimination takes many forms and can occur at every step in the health care system — from obtaining insurance coverage to receiving proper diagnosis and treatment. This discrimination seriously harms women and threatens their health, causing them to pay more for health care and health insurance and to risk receiving improper diagnoses and less effective treatments,” states The National Women’s Law Center.

Thompson (and Rep. Bill Shuster) believe that I can be charged for a pre-existing condition. I am female.

If you disagree with Thompson or Shuster, please let them know at 353-0215 or 800-854-3035

Kathleen O’Connell, Lemont