Letters to the Editor

Let’s be more inclusive

I appreciate your publication of Don Cistaro’s letter to the editor. Everyone’s voice should be heard so, in that respect, good on you.

However, I can’t help but to shake my head at your lack of courage. In November, your paper published a heartwarming and inspiring story about adoption. You wrote about how the room was packed with people, the excitement of each new family and the generosity of folks who want to help children in need.

A few months later it published a letter from Cistaro that was essentially an attack on same sex couples’ adequacy to sustain an excellent environment for children. It goes on to become a rallying cry to end same-sex adoption and give priority to married heterosexual couples. These ideas are unfounded, unconstitutional and insipid. The author of the letter deserves to be publicly shamed. And frankly, shame on you, Centre Daily.

Instead of standing up to Cistaro, instead of defending same-sex adoption, you gave him a pulpit on which to stand. And while I do believe that all people deserve a voice, using it is an action and actions have consequences. Cistaro’s philosophy of sameness excludes people who are different from him.

I believe in the kind of uniformity that includes everyone — of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. I believe it is your civic duty as a publication to defend those who are underrepresented. After all, it’s 2017. Let’s be an inclusive country!

Matteo Scammell, Philadelphia