Letters to the Editor

Glad to see people respond

The night after reading Don Cistaro’s letter (CDT, 1/29) about the adoption of a little girl into a family of two dads, I was kept awake trying to find the right words to counter that opinion.

On Wednesday, I was pleased to read several letters that did a much better job than I could at conveying that the best environment for raising a child is a loving one, no matter the makeup of the family.

I was also glad to hear them defend the printing of Cistaro’s letter. What is the point of the Letters to the Editor column if not to publish opinions? However ill-informed and unsubstantiated by facts, Cistaro’s letter still expressed his opinion.

Limiting publishing to only one side of an issue gives a skewed picture of how our community thinks, removes the opportunity for reaction and discourse, and misses the point of having an opinion page.

Becky Shirer, State College