Letters to the Editor

No regard for environment

Thank you for printing the “Roll Call” allowing citizens to see how members of Congress have voted on specific issues. That being said, it’s still very discouraging to see how members of both the House and Senate continue to vote along party lines, regardless of the environmental impact to our precious Earth.

The latest example: Both of our House members, Reps. Glenn Thompson and Bill Shuster, and Republican Sen. Pat Toomey voted to nullify protection of streams and drinking water in Appalachian states from pollution caused by mountaintop-removal for coal mining.

It is beyond my imagination how anyone who has ever seen the devastation caused by mountaintop removal that destroys drinking water sources, increases flood risk and threatens forests could in their right mind vote against a measure to stop this destruction.

Please remember these individuals who consistently vote against protecting the environment clearly do it for the sake of the coal companies that continue to pour money into their campaigns with no regard to the interests of the environment and future generations.

Betsy Green, Spring Mills