Letters to the Editor

A child without a home suffers

In response to recent letters: I have been both a foster parent and an adoptive parent of a number of special-needs children. Domestic adoptions in this country are open, which means a birth mother gets to select who raises her child.

Same-sex couples have been adopting children for decades. There is no evidence to suggest that sexual orientation has an effect on the ability of a person to be a good parent. There is strong evidence that a child without a loving family suffers immensely.

Anyone who has ever worked in foster care, been a foster child or a foster parent will agree. Often their pain comes out in self destructive or socially disruptive behaviors that present many challenges to mainstream families that take them in.

For these reasons I believe that defunding Planned Parenthood is a mistake. Preventing unwanted pregnancies puts fewer children at risk. As far as abortion is concerned, there are strong arguments on both sides based on religious belief. I don’t feel it is the role of our government to favor one religious ideology over another; that is the role of the church.

In the end, the child who grows up unwanted pays the ultimate price.

Debbie Riesterer, State College

Editor’s note: The writer is a production department employee at the CDT.