Letters to the Editor

American people deserve better

In the Feb. 6 CDT, I read the Roll Call of votes taken by our Pennsylvania senators and congressmen.

Our Republican Sen. Pat Toomey and Republican Congressmen Glenn Thompson and Bill Shuster voted to allow the dumping of mountaintop removal coal mining waste into the waterways and forests of Appalachia. This practice has already resulted in the devastation of the surrounding land and waters in Appalachia, as documented in the PBS series “Appalachia.”

I invite Toomey, Thompson and Shuster to watch that documentary, and then visit those areas of Appalachia and talk to the people who live there. Americans have worked very hard since the 1970s to protect our land, water and air, so that all Americans can live safely wherever they are.

It is time to remove government officials who are in the pockets of the oil, gas and coal industries, and who vote to benefit those industries and to keep them free of the very regulations that protect us all.

I thank the Centre Daily Times for keeping us informed about our elected officials’ votes, especially when they endanger the land we live on, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. The American people deserve better stewardship from our representatives!

Deborah C. Smith, Bellefonte