Letters to the Editor

Councilwoman unworthy of seat

I am a former six-year resident of State College. While I no longer live in State College, I do stay closely tuned in on local politics.

When I lived in town, I attended every borough council meeting and most SCASD board meetings. I continue to tune in on C-NET whenever possible and read the coverage of council/borough news from local publications.

I was unfortunate enough to be tuned in on Feb. 6 to witness conduct on Councilwoman Theresa Lafer’s part that was at best disrespectful and repulsive, and at worst unbefitting of someone in her office and grounds for removal from council. She attacked both the mayor and a fellow council member, and this comes after a long history of speaking in a condescending, mocking manner toward anyone she disagrees with — particularly the lifeblood of your town: current students.

She had no right to speak to Mayor Elizabeth Goreham or her colleague on the council in that manner that night, and she should publicly apologize to both at next week’s meeting. I won’t hold my breath, because I’ve seen just how stubbornly foolhardy she is capable of being, but it would be the right thing to do. That said, she also should’ve offered a heartfelt apology to UPUA President Terry Ford when she berated him during the street lighting discussions in 2016, and that certainly never happened.

She is a black eye on an otherwise respectable borough council, and is unworthy of the seat she is holding.

Zach Berger, New York City