Letters to the Editor

In the long run, EPA good for business

I live near Spring Creek. Children and dogs play in the clear water in the parks along the way. Fisherman fish, yet they can’t eat the fish because of chemicals that were dumped into the water a long time ago.

We have been doing a great job in cleaning up the creek, though there is still much more to do such as keeping agricultural runoff out. But now, the Republican administration wants to gut the Environmental Protection Agency.

So instead of having cleaner water, the protections that created incentives for towns, industry and farms to keep the water clean will be gone. This directly impacts our health with more incidents of cancer, headaches and other ailments. It also impacts the health of the wildlife in and around the creek.

The EPA is not there to harm businesses. It is there to make sure that businesses do not harm us and the environment. In the long run, it is good for business, as a thriving, happy community attracts people and creates more jobs.

Amalia Shaltiel, State College