Letters to the Editor

Overreach is in the eye of the beholder

The power balance between EPA and fossil fuel companies is tipped toward the billion-dollar fossil fuel industry.

There is not a time in U.S. history when the Environmental Protection Agency has made rules to address an already existing environmental problem caused by industry that the industry has said that EPA is not overreaching. I find it disheartening that Sen. Pat Toomey continues to justify Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA by using his favorite argument that the EPA is overreaching. Overreach is in the eye of the beholder. Toomey’s view is through the eyes of the fossil fuel industry.

If the fossil fuel industry really cared about its employees, it would take its $260 billion in profits, or a chunk of the over half-billion-dollar incomes of its top 12 executives, and help their employees transition to cleaner jobs that their own company could be creating.

Toomey is willing to exchange short-term benefits for ever increasing long-term costs of fossil fuel industry — costs that will hurt all of Pennsylvania. A leader has an eye to the future. Toomey is not leading. A stronger Pennsylvania would plan for a fossil fuel descent rather than a backward-looking plan that says, go ahead and blow up mountain tops and dump coal ash into rivers.

Pruitt as the EPA head is like having a wolf tell the sheep that they have too many lambs so they need to sacrifice their lamps for the wolves.

Janet Swim, Boalsburg