Letters to the Editor

Unions help my voice get heard

Why do Sen. Jake Corman and like-minded Senate Republicans hate unions?

Please explain to me why it is OK for millionaires and billionaires to contribute large sums of money to political campaigns, but when I join with others in a union to make my voice heard, they see fit to make it more difficult for my union to collect voluntary contributions for political campaigns.

I am not a millionaire. I don’t have an extra $100,000 or so lying around to contribute to a candidate of my choice. But maybe, by joining with others who support the issues and candidates I do, I might be able to make my rather meager political contribution (compared to the millionaires) mean something. However, with the passage of SB 166, how can I possibly compete with a handful of very rich individuals?

Based on what I know of the Republican Party’s agenda when it comes to unions, they are not done trying to make my participation in the political process irrelevant. There’s more legislation on the way to further hamper unions.

James R. Weaver, Boalsburg