Letters to the Editor

Meeting clarification

I would like to correct some of the comments quoted regarding the Ferguson Township traffic calming meeting I attended on Jan. 25.

First, let me say we the residents appreciate an opportunity to give input. We would, however, appreciate an accurate interpretation of it. In the article, Mr. Modricker was quoted as saying that residents did not want to be inconvenienced by putting in diverters. No one in that meeting ever discussed the inconvenience diverters would create. There was much concern about where diverted traffic would go — likely to other streets in the neighborhood, simply moving the problem.

People at the meeting were nearly unanimous in agreeing that the major problem was not volume of traffic but speeding. One resident after another cited high speed, over the 25 mph limit, as the problem. Modricker claimed the traffic study data did not support that, but inspection of their data for only three days showed that one of the three days did exceed the threshold, the other two days were fractionally (and not significantly) below the threshold.

Speeding does not “appear” to be greater because residents do not have sidewalks — not when mailboxes made of brick have been destroyed twice in six months. Speeding is a serious problem on East Park Hills Avenue.

Robert Stevens,

Ferguson Township