Letters to the Editor

Silence on local water bill increase

The CDT has consumed plenty of ink since Nov. 9 telling readers about how terrible the national election results were and how terrible the new administration is. However, I think most of your readers live in the State College area and are also concerned about local news items that impact their wallets.

Imagine my surprise when my wife showed me the recent State College Borough Water Authority’s winter newsletter, which was tucked in with our recent water bill. In the next-to-last paragraph, SCBWA announced a rate increase and a new billing structure. If you had a water bill and a calculator, you could find out that the new rate will be 10 cents per 1,000 gallons (2.3 percent higher than the old rate).

The new billing structure, however, was a surprise. A typical homeowner will experience a new, flat $4 per month charge.

So a homeowner using 10,000 gallons a quarter will see their bill go from $43 to $56 — a 30 percent increase! I would have thought this large increase would be news that your readers would like to know, maybe even front-page news.

Piling this increase on top of the increases in gasoline tax, natural gas prices, electricity rates and Comcast bills surely hurts those State College-area homeowners on fixed incomes. For some reason, I don’t hear the local media or politicians addressing the concerns of this important segment of our local population.

Tony Barrile, State College