Letters to the Editor

What happens when amateurs take over

What happens when a dog catches a car? If you negligently let the dog get charge of the car then he’d urinate on the tires, rip up the upholstery, chew through the electrical wiring and the gas and brake lines, and pretty soon the car wouldn’t work at all.

What happens when you let cynical amateurs take over the government? You have a secretary of energy who wanted to get rid of the department, then couldn’t remember its name, and after being nominated discovered that it does totally different things than he’d thought.

You have a secretary of education who’s ignorant about the most important educational issues and who championed giving public school money to elites who don’t want their kids to go to the public schools that we pay for.

You have a new head of the Environmental Protection Agency who wants to roll back clean air and water protections and is attorney general of a state so remiss in regulating deep-well injection that they now have frequent property-damaging and life-threatening earthquakes.

The list is endless. We should never have let the dog have the car.

Brian Dempsey, State College