Letters to the Editor

ACA not affordable for everyone

There are those who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, such as people covered under the expanded Medicaid — and Scott Flipse (whose recent letter stated his premiums raised by only 2 percent).

Here’s another fact: My family’s health premiums increased by 250 percent this year from $395 per month to $980. That’s with the subsidy we receive through the Healthcare Marketplace. Our deductible doubled to $7,000. Last year, there were 77 plans available to chose from. This year, there are 12.

Until this year, our premiums stayed about the same, but our coverage has decreased every single year. This year we cannot afford to pay $1,000 per month for the plans that are accepted by our current doctors and specialists. There are a couple plans that are under $500 a month but they are not accepted by Geisinger, any of the current specialists I see at Johns Hopkins for severe health problems, or even by MedExpress. They also include a $3,000 co-pay per day for hospital stays.

This is not affordable care for our family. Now we’re left with the choice of paying for insurance that has limited benefit to us or paying a penalty for not being able to afford the insurance that actually would benefit our family.

I’m glad that there are those who have benefited from the ACA. However, it’s important for people to realize this is not the case for everyone. And wasn’t the ACA supposed to help everyone?

Lesa Martin, State College