Letters to the Editor

All will survive the next 4-8 years

I am amazed at the audacity of the group of people who showed up at Rep. Glenn Thompson’s office demanding a town hall and spewing allegations that he is indifferent to their pressing issues. Who do they think they are? I don’t believe that they ever called his office without getting a response, if they gave his office time to respond.

Anyone who knows Thompson knows that it is not difficult to arrange a meeting with him. Town halls, where people are showing up to protest and heckle the speaker, have no upside for Republican officeholders lately, as the left has been orchestrating chaos.

It is dubious to me that the CDT felt it important enough to place an article about Thompson’s view on Obamacare on the front page, and then place a competing article and photos about this group on the front page, too. One could surmise that the purpose of the group and possibly the newspaper, is to place Thompson in a bad light.

All of these people protesting the actions coming out of Washington need to remember that some of us are pleased with what is being done by President Donald Trump, the Congress and Senate, despite the obstruction by the Democrats. Many of us tolerated the past eight years of fundamental change of our country that has damaged America’s standing on the world stage; fortunately that era is over and we survived it — you will survive the next four to eight years as well.

Tom Duran, McElhattan