Letters to the Editor

An irresponsible claim

I was horrified to see you write that “the MMR (vaccine) has been at the center of some questions raised about a relationship to autism,” and that despite the retraction of a scientific article asserting such a link, “the controversy has remained.”

The MMR vaccine isn’t at the center of any “questions.” There is no “controversy” about whether vaccines cause autism. That idea has been debunked about as thoroughly as the notion that the sun orbits the earth. The Lancet article wasn’t merely retracted as false; Andrew Wakefield, its author, has been proven to be an unethical serial liar.

Claiming that there’s still a “controversy” surrounding vaccines and autism is irresponsible and dangerous, because it encourages parents who are susceptible to such lies not to vaccinate their children. Thanks for feeding the fever swamp of vaccine conspiracy theories and helping to make us all less safe from easily prevented infectious diseases.

Jon Wallace, State College