Letters to the Editor

An idea to save some money

There are several things you need to know about the 5th Congressional District.

It is heavily Republican and will remain that way due to the current gerrymandering. A Democrat has very little chance of being elected. The congressional representative is Glenn Thompson, who votes lockstep with the Republican leadership even when it is not in the interest of his constituents.

My suggestion for saving money is that, since Thompson votes the way the Republican leadership tells him, why do we need him? We could simply have Paul Ryan cast the vote for the 5th Congressional District. The outcome would be the same.

We would save Thompson’s annual salary, per diems and other perks. There would be no need to pay for a staff or provide district offices. There would be considerable savings!

I believe the same thing would work in the 9th Congressional District, since Bill Shuster’s voting record is the mirror image of Thompson’s. Ryan could also cast that vote. Double the savings!

John Casey, State College